Things to do when you are in Roatan

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Things to do in Roatan

1) Canopy Tour (Zip-line tour)

Are you looking for an amazing time exploring a beautiful Island? You should see the Island Roatan looking above all the trees. Zip lining through trees and seeing amazing sites in an eco-friendly way is a fun way to enjoy nature at its best. This website; Roatan Ziplines will help you decide which tour best suites what you are looking for in an adventure.

2) Diving

Book your awesome Diving Experience NOW! One of the most desirable diving destinations in the world is the Bay Islands. The Caribbean is filled with the most interesting under water creatures. Sightings whale sharks, caves, crevices, thousand-foot walls, wrecks, dolphins, and a large number of sponges.

Want to try Scuba Diving ~Discover Scuba Diving~!!!! One 40ft fun dive and a well trained instructor that is part of a package is all you need to plan your first diving experience. This package is exclusive for beginner divers. For your perfect chance to try this amazing adventure go to Discover Scuba Diving.

3) Coral Reef Explorer

Afraid of venturing into the water, would you like to stay dry and still explore amazing sites? Don’t miss the spectacular Coral Reef of Roatan, ride a specially designed and custom built boat. It accommodates the reefs system in Bay Islands, the 44 foot long Coral Reef Explorer comfortably seats 30 adults, and is relaxing yet a knowledgeable tour in a comfortable time of 40 minutes. The tour guides are well trained and will be able to explain all about the coral reef system and sea life. Enjoy learning about all the magnificent creatures of the sea just inches away while the tour guide explains the characteristics and names of each. Seeing the amazing creatures in their natural habitat surrounded by colorful corals and aquatic plants would be so spectacular to experience.

4) Tour the Island of Roatan

Roatan is known as a tropical paradise and one of the most gorgeous places you can visit. Here is a chance to get a guided tour of this incredible bay island. You will get to learn island culture, historical ship wrecks, landmarks, and much more. With a personalized island tour, you will get to see a part of Roatan that most don’t know about or get a chance to see. Learn fun island facts, hear locals’ stories, and see beautiful sites.

5) Trip to Cayos Cochinos

This is one of my favorite adventures you can choose on the island of Roatan. If you have a full day to get away and take a trip to Cayos Cochinos Island, it is truly a wonderful and breathtaking island experience. This island is a protected Nature reserve because of this it is like no other Bay Island. On your way to the island you might spot some dophins and when you arrive you can enjoy some diving or snorkeling from one of the secluded beaches. If you are looking for a day you will never forget with a picnic lunch; book your day trip to Cayos Coschinos. Come learn why Cayos Cochinos is so special.

6) Swimming with the Dolphins

We suggest that you make your reservations early to come and enjoy a swim with the dolphins. It is one of the most popular excursions on the island of Roatan, you can snorkel or dive in the deep blue water with these amazing creatures.

Dolphin Swim – This tour is one of our best sellers!! It is perfect for anyone 13 and older.
Dolphin Encounter – For the kids 13/under or those of you who prefer waist deep water, dolphin beach encounter is one of the best ways to interact with the dolphins.
Dolphin dive – This is your perfect opportunity to live out your dream of diving with the dolphins. This is an amazing way to interact with the dolphins in their natural environment.

7) Horseback Riding Tour

Experience Roatan’s stunning views, trails, and solitary beaches with this Horseback Riding tour. The friendly tour guides will take you on a magnificent journey through the most attractive floral areas. You will feel adventurous while having a fun time when visiting Roatan.

8) Fishing

Looking for the ultimate fishing day trip off the shores of Roatan? With experienced fishing guides, you will be able to choose what types of fishing you would like to try for a guaranteed fun time. You can set up a full or half day trip with an option of flat fishing or have a deep water experience.

9) Real Estate Tour

Real Estate Tours are in high demand on Roatan, the TOP ISLAND TO RETIRE TO, as it was voted. The tour will introduce you to a variety of residential and commercial investment opportunities. Any information about local real estate laws, residencies, taxes, and living expenses will be available on hand by an expert. So come and learn more about Real Estate Tour.

10) Just Enjoy the Beach

Roatan is simply a breathtaking experience with beautiful sites all around. With views of the bay islands it is easy to relax, enjoy the sun, water, and the walks along the white sandy beaches during the amazing sunsets.


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